Invest In The Most Well-Equipped Veteran Owned Training Facility.

Delta Fuego is creating one of the most highly-equipped, highly-accessible training ranges in Central and South America, and with your help, we can create thriving training grounds to serve U.S Government agencies and private clients.

The Gap That The Delta Fuego Training Facility Aims To Cover

  • Over our years of deployment, we’ve managed to acquire a unique set of skills that involve tactical training, operations planning, security consultation, logistics, staffing, and more, and we’re not alone.
  • Government agencies, private security teams, and other armed and trained protection groups are always in need of a place to train. A facility where they trust the people in charge and know full well that they only have to show up, and we’ll do the rest.
  • That’s what the Delta Fuego range project is, a complete, vast training facility that provides US Government agencies and other private teams with an unmatched, accessible training ground they can rely on, and one that drives their training forward.

A Purposeful Training Facility That Capitalizes On An Increasing Need

  • We aim to harness all of our combined skill sets to help government agencies and private clients evaluate their needs, and create robust training solutions tailored to their team’s scale, weaknesses, and strengths.
  • Our mission is to provide top-notch military training opportunities and services all throughout Central And South America, backed by an ever-expanding network of relationships with US government agencies that helps us grow and scale over the next 5 years
  • With our training facility, we can create new opportunities for members of the INL/DEA to gain enhanced training, explore real-world situations, and accommodate their teams all in one facility.

Seasoned Veteran Business Owners You Can Trust

100% veteran owned and operated, the Delta Fuego training facility is led by military personnel and seasoned business owners that understand what it takes to bring a project like this to life.

Our connections all throughout Central and South America give us access to a vast piece of land that spreads over 120 acres, as well as a 1,000-acre water access training reservation, creating the perfect base for outstanding training operations.

We have 95 years of combined experience in Special Operations, and our service records testify for our commitment, far-sighted leadership, and confidence in taking bold, yet calculated decisions, which we’ve carried over to the business world.

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A Multi-Faceted Solution For A Variety Of Problems

Law enforcement selection courses

Our facility allows agencies including the DEA and the FBI to conduct thorough
selection courses on our premises, giving them a more accessible alternative
right from Guatemala city.

Drone and long-range training

Thanks to our facility’s vast and diverse terrain, it’s the perfect environment to conduct private, controlled, and completely secure drone training, with our professionals assisting in operations planning and providing an FAA commercially licensed facility.

Military free fall

Our facility includes access to a DZ and private airstrip, giving our client’s teams the opportunity to engage in realistic combat situations suitable for tier-one units both day and night.

Urban CQB Shoothouse

The Delta Fuego facility includes a 10-room multilevel secure and non-lethal training shoothouse only blocks away from the US embassy, giving our troops all the combat training they need to refine their skill set.

Maritime and jungle training

With 1,000 acres of waterfront access included in our property, our clients are now able to conduct secure and controlled private water training and maritime operations, as well as survival courses and jungle warfare.

Combatives Fighthouse

To ensure our clients receive a full package, we’ve included a fully matted and highly-equipped combative training facility that allows for safe training and preparation for all combat situations.

Future Opportunities And What You Can Expect As An Investor.

  • Today, our 5-year projections promise sustainable growth and ROI, with a three-fold revenue stream only from Gov/Mil training contracts, property leasing, commercial sales, and VIP corporate services.
  • Our property is already in the process of being leased by the US Government’s INL/DEA units for a projected 5+ years, with multi-unit contracts projected upon completion.
  • Delta Fuego training facility isn’t only about training, as we provide housing for over 40
    units, a highly-equipped gym, full living quarters, HLZ, and private range access. In
    addition to that, we offer our own private training courses.
  • That’s where the appeal for a facility like ours comes from, as we offer commercial and private clients a high-quality, trustworthy, and US-owned and operated facility that
    covers their needs from start to finish.

VIP Experiences For Our Investors And Community Members Alike.

The pro-US veteran environment that exists in Guatemala is second-to-none. That’s why we’re inviting you to a safe, enjoyable VIP vacation experience to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, now available at a fraction of the original price, or for free for our founding investors!

VIP Shooting Events

We’ve partnered up with CZ/Colt arms to host VIP shooting events that involve world-class training, and an elevated, enjoyable VIP experience where veterans, investors, and clients can get together.

Concierge Events

After setting foot in Guatemala for years, we’ve seen the beautiful sides and experiences that could be had here. That’s why we curate outstanding adventures that include coffee tours, golf, volcanic hikes, amazing lakes, and sail fishing, giving our VIPs the true getaway they desire.

Private Fixed Wing Or Rotor Aviation

Delta Fuego gives its VIPs access to on-demand flying lessons and fixed-wing aviation thanks to our partnership with Finca La Pastoria, which is only a 10-minute flight from LaAurora INTL.

Help Us Bring Our Training Facility Project To Life.

  • As of today, we’ve cleared the entire property and prepared the land for constructing what could be the most capable GOV/MIL training facility in Central and South America, and the most accessible.
  • The entrance, barracks, parking, and kennel areas have all been cleared and prepped to start our venture, and with you on board, we can bring the most ambitious projects to life, and you can gain access to our VIP services and events.
  • With you, we can expand, scale, and develop our training facility to serve more agencies and private sector clients.

Join Delta Fuego today, a group of results-driven veteran business owners with a vision you can trust.